Book and DVD

Embracing Hope: Inspiration For Surviving Cancer and Chronic Illness is a gift of multi-sensory inspiration during the difficult times. As a book and Video CD combination, it integrates music, meditation, visual imagery and inspiring words for a holistic healing experience. As hope touches the spirit, it infuses energy into the body, the mind and the soul.

The first book and Video CD combination of its kind, Embracing Hope encourages and guides individuals to create and embrace hope, discovering more of a spiritual connection in times of struggle. Written by Clinical Psychologist, Terri Quinn, Ph.D., who is the spouse of a cancer survivor, Embracing Hope: Inspiration For Surviving Cancer and Chronic Illness, weaves together healing messages, inspirational photographs and artwork, psychological information, guided meditation in combination with music to empower and inspire individuals and family members.

The Book and DVD are in progress and will be available for purchase at a later date.

Meditation and Self-Esteem CD

Mindfulness or Meditation can help reduce or manage stress and decrease anxiety levels. It is the increased awareness of the present moment and can also be a practice of concentrated focus on the breath, a sound, an object, a specific movement or set of movements or a visualization.

There are many types of Meditation practiced and finding which type fits you best may take some exploration. The simplest way is to begin either with guided meditation on a CD or with someone guiding you through steps to meditate. Awareness of your breath is a key component in most meditation or mindfulness exercises.

The Meditation and Self-Esteem CD provides a guided whole body relaxation experience that also encourages the listener to practice and be aware of interpersonal boundaries and messages to build inner self-esteem.

The CD can be purchased for $10.00 plus tax, shipping and handling.