Therapy Support Information

10 Steps for Healthy and Balanced Living

  1. Journal daily-emotionally check-in with yourself daily-rate your stress
  2. Exercise a minimum of three times per week
  3. Mindfulness/Meditation practice or regular prayer
  4. Creative Projects-gardening, painting, photography...
  5. Daily Affirmations-positive self-statements
  6. Socialization-reaching out to friends and loved ones
  7. Relaxation-walk on the beach or other relaxing activity
  8. Volunteer or be of service in some way
  9. Eat healthy foods and get enough rest
  10. Observe the good in yourself and others
Daily Affirmations
  1. I have the strength to get through this day
  2. I am capable and creative
  3. I am a worthwhile person
  4. I embrace hope and move forward
  5. I am healing and growing today
  6. I believe in myself
  7. I can do this
  8. I am loveable and acceptable just the way I am
  9. I am capable of making positive changes in my life
  10. I am capable of eating healthy and exercising today
Helping Yourself Out of Crisis
  1. Reach out - You are not alone-friends, family, loved ones-call them and talk about what you are feeling.
  2. If you are a current client and need to speak to me, call through my answering service, press 0 and an operator will assist you in reaching me, another on-call therapist or the County Crisis Line. If you are feeling suicidal or having suicidal thoughts please share that information so we can discuss options for help.
  3. San Luis Obispo Hotline is available 24 hours a day
    Hotline Phone #805-534-9204
  4. If it is a life threatening emergency, go to your nearest emergency room or dial 911
  5. Breathe and try to calm down as much as possible-often when we breathe deeply we are able to relax a little and gain some perspective on the crisis or difficult situation.
  6. If you have prescribed medication from your doctor that helps calm you down, it is helpful to remember to take that medication as directed. Sometimes during a crisis we forget to take medicine that may help, but only take the amount being prescribed.
  7. In a time of crisis, sometimes you need to try to distract yourself, such as go for a walk on the beach, listen to calming music, watch the travel channel on TV or ask a friend over to share a cup of tea.
  8. Remember that you will get through this-believe in yourself.